In the Morning (J Cole Freestyle) - Yada

by Yada



It's kind of obvious what I want if I'm here rapping to "In the Morning"
I mean we all get that urge
But I aint out here trying to flaunt it
Nah I'm just here, trying to think of ways to try to control it.
I don't. I can't.
I just fall face first into my anointment.
Divine appointment.
Oh I'll be certain, I'll see.
All that passion and that action
Sent straight from the King
And the only rip from my jeans
Is coming straight from a ring
That's fresh up off an altar
Go call the pastor, ya see...
I mean.
I aint really gotta explain that to you.
Cause the one that I want, already has it in view.
We're of the same mind.
We exalt Him at the same time, that urge hit
We hear His voice at the same time.
See where I'm from...Christian men don't play these games, nah.
They take her by the hand, until "she" became mine.
Watch how her name flips.
Her hand remains gripped.
50+ years, but who am I to try to date it?
It's til death do us part, I mean this love is an art.
And I've been taking some classes, trying to learn where to start.

Hold on...
And I'm think we should start right there
With me being open, leaving my heart right there.
Where every flaw is exposed, and you can see me bare.
Where you can see my cares, and I can see you stare.
See Right there!
That only makes me want to know you more.
Know all of your passions and all the things that you adore. So what drives you......
Is it Him?❤


released November 12, 2016




Yada Louisville, Kentucky

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